ThredUp haul is an online thrift store. They have a lot of awesome second hand clothes at pretty good prices! I mean, since it is a thrift store, they have their share of erm… less stylish, I guess you could say. Then again, everyone has their own style.
They’re always giving 10% discounts, and shipping is free over $75 (it’s 5.99 otherwise, which really isn’t bad!). I’ve ordered from them before, but this is the biggest order so far. I bought 16 items for a little over $100, saving about two hundred something of off msrp, but have to return six because they’re either too big, too small, or I just didn’t like it like I though I would.

The lighting is iffy, and I used my ipod’s camera, so these aren’t the best pics, but womp. I really love the dresses, the green and grey skirt, and the dark green blouse.

Everything was in great condition, and overall it was a good purchase! 😊


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