Presenting Health & Fitness

Backed by the Nutrition Band.

I’m sorry.

Anyway! I was on a pretty good streak with working out, but things got busy and I was tired – such convenient reasons. Honestly, I was enjoying working out, and looking forward, but my tenacity fell short. I want to start again tomorrow.

I’ve been using Fitness Blender, but also want to start using MillionaireHoy’s workouts. FB’s workouts can be pretty darn tough, but MillionareHoy’s look like, level 10 out of 5. They’re probably not that difficult, and I think I’d be able to get through them, but they look like hell. I’m excited though!

I was also wondering if I should workout twice a day. Like go biking when I get home. I think I’d like that since I don’t bike enough.

I also really want to focus on strength training too. I didn’t see anything (of course) but I felt it, which was really cool.

Goal is to workout 6/7 days this week!


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