Practicum done

I haven’t much wrote about it, in my personal journal or here, but it was certainly an experience. Much different than any other position that required me to teach. Honestly, I was pretty mediocre. I didn’t do the best that I could do, which is, of course, regrettable.
I did learn a lot about myself; about who I want to be in and outside the role of being a teacher.
I had amazing and supportive co-teachers and mentor teacher, and I wish I could have been more on their level. I really could go on, wallowing in self-deprecation and what not, but it really doesn’t change anything, other than just making me feel bad.
What I’ve learned about myself and my profession is something I just have to reflect on, and use for actual change. I find that sometimes, when I have an experience that changes my perspective, there will be a discrepancy between my thoughts and my behavior. It’s odd, but I’m looking to close that gap.
Student teaching starts in the Fall, and that will be my last course before graduating in December. I want to do better, especially since after that I’m “on my own”. I’ll no longer be a student, which will be weird because I’ve been one for so long, I’m so used to being in that role. There hasn’t been a time when I didn’t feel that role hovering over me. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself clearly, but in any case: I will do better during student teaching, and I will continue to improve as I progress. This is the mindset I have to consistently keep…


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