Language learning trek (1)

It’s spring break, and I’m valiently trying to pick up one of my hobbies again – one of them being language learning. Right now, I have about 15 or so tabs open on the topic, and my biggest, hm, obstacle is creating a curriculum. How should I go about learning? What the most important thing to learn first? How do I incorporate all the aspects of language so that it makes sense?

I have an idea of how I want to go about it, and I did try this way when I was studying Portuguese last year, but then as I kept stuyding, things got a bit complicated, and –
Thinking on it now, I guess the real problem is not adjusting my plans.



Repost: The Mind, Body & Soul Challenge with @Ghana_Goddess!

Source: The Mind, Body & Soul Challenge with @Ghana_Goddess!

I’m gonna do it! Like, for real this time.
Honestly I’ve been feeling pretty down, pretty apathetic, pretty useless. And I’ve been eating it all, which in turn screws with my budget a bit. In any case, I want to start feeling better about myself. These feelings aren’t anything new, and though they fluctuate, I’d rather try to keep them at bay permanently. There’s a lot of, “If this changed then…”, “Once I’m… then…” type of thinking. And sure, yeah, that may be the case. But none of that is happening now, and it seems ridiculous to wait until it does to try and do something. Some things I can control, and some things I cannot. I think this falls into the former category, even though at times it doesn’t feel that way…
Anyway, I’m hoping to come out of this simply feeling better about myself overall, with habits to stay that way, or at least to bounce back faster from all the disparaging.



Repost: Being active in these tumultuous times

Hi, I have a coworker from Iran. The President is about to announce awful policies around admitting people from countries including Iran. I’m pretty sure he and his siblings are all here on non-permament statuses, though I don’t know for sure. He’s a friendly acquaintance, not someone I’d say I have a close relationship with, […]

via #938: Supporting Immigrant Coworkers in the USA. — Captain Awkward

Often times, I will read or see videos about how bad an issues is, how wrong it is, and how mad it makes the poster. And I will more or less agree, but then I ask – what can be done though??

Jumpstart Challenge!

Now that I finally have more time (and motivation) to start working out again, I really want to put my all into it, and go a little bit intense; in the beginning, at least. Intense being 2 workouts a day, with an (optional!) higher level workout. It sounds like a lot, right? haha
I’ve tried following other people’s challenges, and I always fall off one way or the other, but I want to try my own! It’ll only be 2 weeks. After that, I’ll probably tone it down to working out once a day.

The conditions for this challenge are:

  • Drink a gallon a water a day (I drink a lot of water already, but I don’t think I drink enough)
  • Workout 4 – 6 days out of the week
  • Include more leafy greens in my meals
  • Cut down on coffee
  • Cut down on sugar/sweets

I’m thinking I’ll lose about 2 – 3 pounds at the end of it (~1 to 1 ½ per week), though my focus isn’t too much on the weight aspect as much as it is just feeling better and not so drowsy and sluggish most of the time, and to get into the habit of exercising again.

Let’s see how this goes!

Practicum done

I haven’t much wrote about it, in my personal journal or here, but it was certainly an experience. Much different than any other position that required me to teach. Honestly, I was pretty mediocre. I didn’t do the best that I could do, which is, of course, regrettable.
I did learn a lot about myself; about who I want to be in and outside the role of being a teacher.
I had amazing and supportive co-teachers and mentor teacher, and I wish I could have been more on their level. I really could go on, wallowing in self-deprecation and what not, but it really doesn’t change anything, other than just making me feel bad.
What I’ve learned about myself and my profession is something I just have to reflect on, and use for actual change. I find that sometimes, when I have an experience that changes my perspective, there will be a discrepancy between my thoughts and my behavior. It’s odd, but I’m looking to close that gap.
Student teaching starts in the Fall, and that will be my last course before graduating in December. I want to do better, especially since after that I’m “on my own”. I’ll no longer be a student, which will be weird because I’ve been one for so long, I’m so used to being in that role. There hasn’t been a time when I didn’t feel that role hovering over me. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself clearly, but in any case: I will do better during student teaching, and I will continue to improve as I progress. This is the mindset I have to consistently keep…

Presenting Health & Fitness

Backed by the Nutrition Band.

I’m sorry.

Anyway! I was on a pretty good streak with working out, but things got busy and I was tired – such convenient reasons. Honestly, I was enjoying working out, and looking forward, but my tenacity fell short. I want to start again tomorrow.

I’ve been using Fitness Blender, but also want to start using MillionaireHoy’s workouts. FB’s workouts can be pretty darn tough, but MillionareHoy’s look like, level 10 out of 5. They’re probably not that difficult, and I think I’d be able to get through them, but they look like hell. I’m excited though!

I was also wondering if I should workout twice a day. Like go biking when I get home. I think I’d like that since I don’t bike enough.

I also really want to focus on strength training too. I didn’t see anything (of course) but I felt it, which was really cool.

Goal is to workout 6/7 days this week!

Q1 – not so good

So I break up the year into quarters to divvy up my goals for the year so they don’t become so daunting. Needless to say, I’ve accomplished nothing for the quarter.
Squat diddly. I started off well, but then the motivation died down and everything just got off track. I can list a few reasons, but they’re all insufficient. Now I’m going to work twice as hard this quarter.