Music, hair-wise & dead plants

I have so many saved songs on Spotify (and I keep adding more), Pandora, & Live365 that I fear that I will never obtain them all. But here are some I got yesterday. It’s not so much that I think people will be so interested in what I’m listening to as it is just putting music out there for y’all to discover. I love hearing new music, and suspect others do as well… :>

 It is long term protective style time. More like, “I’m getting tired of dealing with my hair every week” time. 

I plan to keep my hair in the same style for ~4 weeks, maybe 5ish. Depends on how I feel. The outcome isn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but I like it well enough. When I was doing the twists at the front, I was thinking, Hm, maybe I should just do mini twists instead, but wow, what a funny joke that was. The only qualm I have for this style is the millions of bobby pins I have holding some kind of vine twist bun-esque up. Then again, there will never not be pins when styling my hair.

So, I bought a plant a few days ago, and the very next day, I noticed it was drooping. I was a little flummoxed because the soil was wet, and it was fine when I purchased it! Like, are you too cool to hang out on the window sill, plant?
But after it hanging in the sun for another day, and the soil still being wet, I figured that that must be a problem. Because usually wet soil = growth, yeah. But! there is such a thing as drowning the roots.
I finally got around to buying a new pot and potting soil.

dead plant - 19 june

Salvageable? Eeeeeeeh

I think I waited too long, because, damn look at it. I’ll wait a week and see.


Presenting Health & Fitness

Backed by the Nutrition Band.

I’m sorry.

Anyway! I was on a pretty good streak with working out, but things got busy and I was tired – such convenient reasons. Honestly, I was enjoying working out, and looking forward, but my tenacity fell short. I want to start again tomorrow.

I’ve been using Fitness Blender, but also want to start using MillionaireHoy’s workouts. FB’s workouts can be pretty darn tough, but MillionareHoy’s look like, level 10 out of 5. They’re probably not that difficult, and I think I’d be able to get through them, but they look like hell. I’m excited though!

I was also wondering if I should workout twice a day. Like go biking when I get home. I think I’d like that since I don’t bike enough.

I also really want to focus on strength training too. I didn’t see anything (of course) but I felt it, which was really cool.

Goal is to workout 6/7 days this week!

ThredUp haul is an online thrift store. They have a lot of awesome second hand clothes at pretty good prices! I mean, since it is a thrift store, they have their share of erm… less stylish, I guess you could say. Then again, everyone has their own style.
They’re always giving 10% discounts, and shipping is free over $75 (it’s 5.99 otherwise, which really isn’t bad!). I’ve ordered from them before, but this is the biggest order so far. I bought 16 items for a little over $100, saving about two hundred something of off msrp, but have to return six because they’re either too big, too small, or I just didn’t like it like I though I would.

The lighting is iffy, and I used my ipod’s camera, so these aren’t the best pics, but womp. I really love the dresses, the green and grey skirt, and the dark green blouse.

Everything was in great condition, and overall it was a good purchase! 😊

Q1 – not so good

So I break up the year into quarters to divvy up my goals for the year so they don’t become so daunting. Needless to say, I’ve accomplished nothing for the quarter.
Squat diddly. I started off well, but then the motivation died down and everything just got off track. I can list a few reasons, but they’re all insufficient. Now I’m going to work twice as hard this quarter.

Opportunities and challenges

Rather than berating myself for being a sporadic updater, let me just get right into it.

So, my professor offered me this job opportunity around a week or so again. She has a connection in a pretty prestigious private school. I’ve spoken to the principal, and have a short meeting with her soon. It feels a bit odd because it all seems so easy. Before I was hired for my current job, I was applying everywhere and only had a handful of interviews. Now, I feel like I’m on some job express track. Nothing has happened yet. Not sure if I’ll be offered the job, not sure if I’ll take the job if I’m offered.
It’s just that the whole process is a little… weird, I suppose, for lack of a better word. The fact that my professor even offered me the opportunity in the first place (she offered it to another classmate as well) had me a bit flabbergasted. I just feel opportunities like this are for people more amazing than I. Not to engage in a bout of self-deprecation, but I’m just trying to think what I did to deserve this.
It’s not to say I’m not grateful! I really am. It’d be awesome if things worked out. I don’t know, I’m just being ridiculous.


The first snowfall of the winter! Not very excited, actually. I don’t dislike snow, but ‘urrggfsfs’ sums up my feelings pretty well, I think. I didn’t believe it would be as bad as they were predicting, because storms are almost always hyped up with the actual outcome being quite mediocre.
I was supposed to have class today, but now everything has been pushed to online discussion and assignments. I was fine with having to go to class, but I’m a bit happy it was cancelled because I have been so exhausted this week. Even with Monday off, getting to Friday was definitely a drag. My routines were thrown into a bit of a loop, and I need to reorganize (something I should have done) my time.


Break is over

I’ve already went back to work 2 weeks ago, but tomorrow the semester starts. I feel ambivalent about it: one one hand, I’m excited to start classes again, on the the other – break, y’know? hah

I’m still trying to figure out my schedule in terms of just self-care, volunteer, work, and other goals that I want to accomplish, or at least see some significant progress with, by the end of March.