Obligatory New Year’s post

Has it really only been four days into the new year? It feels like a lot longer because I have been doing nothing for awhile. Nothing but working on my edTPA, looking for jobs, and sleeping.
I am offically (kind of, I get my degree at the end of the month) DONE with my program! I was so busy with student teaching, but now I have so much time I almost don’t know what to do with it (Almost: see above). Just figuring out all the logistics of it all for going forward.

2016 was certainly a year, yes? But there have been notable years in the past, and there certainly will continue to be. 2017 will be so new to me since it’ll be my first year where I will not be a student – which is just weird. But I’m excited! I have my goals all written down, and I’m interested to see when and how they’re accomplished. The only real downside about ending in December is that it’s the middle of the school year, and a bit harder to find jobs. Not impossible (living in NY, I feel like there’ll always be jobs around), but it’s not quite ideal.  I’m just so ancy! I’m ready to get back into a classroom.
I’m hoping by the end of this month I’ll have secured something, because doing nothing is only fun when you’re actually busy.

I also have a goal of posting more, so we’ll see how that goes!



Happy first!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.39.11 PM

Happy Semptember first!

The semester doesn’t start for me until next week, but there are still things that I need to do to prepare for. This is not only my last semester, but also student teaching! Which means I will be busy busy busy! Though, I know it’ll be December before I can even blink an eye.

I still have two certification tests I need to take. I really wanted to get to them this summer, but after taking two classes, I was just too lazy to study. Prepping for class and edTPA will take up a lot of my time, but I want to get them done by October the latest. I was wondering if I should try volunteering at an after-school program for the semester, but I think I’m just being a bit over-zealous. I don’t think I’d be able to handle that with school and work. Possible, though not feasible.

As for my Jumpstart Challenge. Well….

I totally failed! Haha! I did really well on the first week in terms of exercising twice about 6 out of 7 days. Trying to drink a gallon of water a day is a bit hard, actually. Not the act of it, but actually remembering to. I think I have to work up to a gallon, perhaps starting with a half gallon everyday. Or a quarter. Just something more doable.

As for changing what I ate, and cutting down on sweets and coffee, hm…I certainly made an effort? I guess? According to the log I started on the 3rd day, I drank coffee 3 of the 8 days that I actually did the challenge…

I went on vacation the week after the challenge was supposed to end, eating out almost everyday, exercise but vague thought in the back of my mind (there was quite a bit of walking though!). So the challenge was bust. I guess I’m just not meant for challenges, whether I create them or join someone else’s .

There was something I read on Quora about dedicating 700+ hours towards being productive, or something akin to that, which I found interesting! But I think that I’ll save that for another post!

#please excuse my attempt at making a header
#I tried

Practicum done

I haven’t much wrote about it, in my personal journal or here, but it was certainly an experience. Much different than any other position that required me to teach. Honestly, I was pretty mediocre. I didn’t do the best that I could do, which is, of course, regrettable.
I did learn a lot about myself; about who I want to be in and outside the role of being a teacher.
I had amazing and supportive co-teachers and mentor teacher, and I wish I could have been more on their level. I really could go on, wallowing in self-deprecation and what not, but it really doesn’t change anything, other than just making me feel bad.
What I’ve learned about myself and my profession is something I just have to reflect on, and use for actual change. I find that sometimes, when I have an experience that changes my perspective, there will be a discrepancy between my thoughts and my behavior. It’s odd, but I’m looking to close that gap.
Student teaching starts in the Fall, and that will be my last course before graduating in December. I want to do better, especially since after that I’m “on my own”. I’ll no longer be a student, which will be weird because I’ve been one for so long, I’m so used to being in that role. There hasn’t been a time when I didn’t feel that role hovering over me. I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself clearly, but in any case: I will do better during student teaching, and I will continue to improve as I progress. This is the mindset I have to consistently keep…


The first snowfall of the winter! Not very excited, actually. I don’t dislike snow, but ‘urrggfsfs’ sums up my feelings pretty well, I think. I didn’t believe it would be as bad as they were predicting, because storms are almost always hyped up with the actual outcome being quite mediocre.
I was supposed to have class today, but now everything has been pushed to online discussion and assignments. I was fine with having to go to class, but I’m a bit happy it was cancelled because I have been so exhausted this week. Even with Monday off, getting to Friday was definitely a drag. My routines were thrown into a bit of a loop, and I need to reorganize (something I should have done) my time.


Break is over

I’ve already went back to work 2 weeks ago, but tomorrow the semester starts. I feel ambivalent about it: one one hand, I’m excited to start classes again, on the the other – break, y’know? hah

I’m still trying to figure out my schedule in terms of just self-care, volunteer, work, and other goals that I want to accomplish, or at least see some significant progress with, by the end of March.