Hairwise: Luv Naturals’ Love Me & Leave-In Conditoner



LuvNaturals is the hair care brand by Kim Love of Kimmaytube on Youtube. This leave-in conditioner is step 4 in a series of products.

Kimmaytube’s channel was one of the first that I watched when I started taking more care of my hair. She offered clear, concise videos full of well researched information and thought out content.
I was excited when she launched her website a few years back. I even remember watching a video about her talking about creating and choosing a logo for the business! I never actually got around to buying any of her products until recently, and I’m really happy to say that I love it!

I usually use kpangnan butter mixtures as any previous creamy mixtures or products wouldn’t do much and would become flaky after they dried, which I hated. This summer, however, I wanted to try something lighter. At first, I bought one of Cantu’s leave-in creams, but I didn’t like it and again, it was flaky.

799e4523-d735-440f-b93a-d09a4e164e60_zpss2fzzkyjIn June, I purchased luv natural’s leave-in. It’s light and creamy. The scent, which is not too heavy, is sweet and citrusy. And most important of all, it leaves my hair feeling soft and it doesn’t flake! I love using this leave in, and I have to stop myself from being too heavy handed, because a little goes a long way. I find when I take my hair to re-moisturize days later, my hair still feel good.

This leave in is $14 plus shipping. Relative to a majority of the products in the natural hair care market, it isn’t expensive at all. I’m not one to spend more than $10 on hair care – my stash is very simple – but I definitely would purchase this again because it’s so awesome!

Here’s a video from her channel giving a tutorial on how to best use it!

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Music, hair-wise & dead plants

I have so many saved songs on Spotify (and I keep adding more), Pandora, & Live365 that I fear that I will never obtain them all. But here are some I got yesterday. It’s not so much that I think people will be so interested in what I’m listening to as it is just putting music out there for y’all to discover. I love hearing new music, and suspect others do as well… :>

 It is long term protective style time. More like, “I’m getting tired of dealing with my hair every week” time. 

I plan to keep my hair in the same style for ~4 weeks, maybe 5ish. Depends on how I feel. The outcome isn’t exactly what I had envisioned, but I like it well enough. When I was doing the twists at the front, I was thinking, Hm, maybe I should just do mini twists instead, but wow, what a funny joke that was. The only qualm I have for this style is the millions of bobby pins I have holding some kind of vine twist bun-esque up. Then again, there will never not be pins when styling my hair.

So, I bought a plant a few days ago, and the very next day, I noticed it was drooping. I was a little flummoxed because the soil was wet, and it was fine when I purchased it! Like, are you too cool to hang out on the window sill, plant?
But after it hanging in the sun for another day, and the soil still being wet, I figured that that must be a problem. Because usually wet soil = growth, yeah. But! there is such a thing as drowning the roots.
I finally got around to buying a new pot and potting soil.

dead plant - 19 june

Salvageable? Eeeeeeeh

I think I waited too long, because, damn look at it. I’ll wait a week and see.